This has been asked to many spouses, if it comes to an emergency, do they need a lawyer in the divorce, and do they need a lawyer to file a court petition? Since a divorce is also accompanied by the increased legal costs with an increased financial burden on those involved, many wonder if the divorce is possible without Lawyer?  At least the legal fees could be saved in the process. In fact, the regulations in family law regarding the mandatory lawyer representation are to be understood as a special case. But if and when do you need a lawyer in the divorce? If you are unable to bear the cost you can get uncontested divorce in Oklahoma by filing the court petition on your own.  But before that you should understand a few legal matters.

What divorce means in real life?

The divorce is an event that changes the life. Sometimes, divorce is friendly and sometimes it is contentious. Your first meeting with a lawyer is called a consultation. It is usual that through this meeting of consultation and verification of references, a person decides to hire or not to hire a lawyer. In order to make the best use of the consultation and see if it suits the advice and style of the lawyer, it is useful to carry all the relevant information about the divorce.The legal aspects of divorce have a lot to do with the separation of marital assets. In order for your lawyer to do so fairly and with your best interests in mind, it is important that the consultant knows exactly what you and your spouse took as income, assets, how much you spent and have as liabilities.

This includes all the money you spend regularly including things like money accounts, grocery costs, and money spent on education and care for minor children. If you and your spouse have entered into a prenuptial agreement or other contract that may be relevant to your divorce or distribution of property, then it is important that your attorney review the agreement as soon as possible. If you and your spouse have had children together, then it is important to advise your lawyer about your wishes regarding the care and custody of the children. Also, if the court has appointed a Guardian ad Litem for your child/children, it is important to warn your attorney about that designation.

Conclusion: Speak today with a petition qualified consultant

Divorce can be a difficult time for many people. The right consultant can help you focus on the future and ensure a fair distribution of property and a beneficial agreement on custody for your children. Consequently, it is important to provide the prospective lawyer with all the relevant information in his first consultation. Take the first step now and contact a qualified divorce lawyer near you to discuss your specific legal situation.The following reasons for divorce are abandonment for 1 year, adultery, impotence, when the woman was pregnant with another man at the time of the marriage, extreme cruelty, a fraudulent contract, incompatibility, habitual drunkenness, gross negligence in their duties, imprisonment for a felony at the time of filing the divorce petition and the obtaining of a decree of definitive divorce out of the State and the madness.