Due to pain after meeting a car accident can lead to many difficult situations and one of them is going back to work. Hence, it is vital to understand the monetary relief for victims who suffer from such accidents and cannot return to work. Howard Yegendorf and Associates can provide you with guidelines and options on how to achieve the income replacement benefits.

Income replacement benefits are for those who cannot work at all after the injury or are unable to perform the task at the same level which they used to do before the accident.  This disability may arise as a result of a physical or emotional impairment, such as debilitating back pain or post-traumatic stress disorder. Personal Injury Lawyer Ottawa can help you deal with such personal injury claims which also included income replacement benefits. You can easily focus on your recovery if you understand and get proper advice regarding the benefits.

Guidelines by Howard Yegendorf and Associates to know more about the income replacement benefits-

For being eligible to enjoy Income Replacement Benefits in Ottawa you should suffice certain criteria like you getting injured more than once and in such a manner wherein you are unable to work anymore.

The benefits are calculated on the basis of your gross income and every two weeks the benefits are paid. Also, it is given up to $400 per week.

By filing any other personal injury claim such as slip or fall, you can get compensation for past loss of income and even future ones. With the help of a lawyer, you can get a better idea of any deductions under such benefits.  Income Replacement Benefits is not paid for more than 104 weeks and for an initial seven days, loss of income is not included.

Within seven days, you have to fill the OCF-2 form as well as inform your insurance agent. The application form should be submitted within 30 days or you want to be able to get any income replacement benefits.

Under the Insurance Act, you can find a broad list of benefits which are comprehensive in nature. A lawyer can give you proper guidance in regards to the claim procedure and ensure you that you will be getting rightful compensation. For instance, if a victim requires any physical assistance after getting injured than one can opt for Attendant Care Benefit. Even you can claim for funeral cost.

There is also a chance of higher income replacement benefit if you had selected higher limits to the income replacement benefit before your accident. However, you should note that every process has a deadline which you should not forget. Apart from that, you need to give proper proof regarding your injuries