If you’re in the middle of a divorce and you want to determine child custody, you may want to consider settling on joint custody, as it may be what’s best for your child. This is not an easy decision, and you know that there will be difficult times ahead, but if you’re dedicated to making it work, you and your child are better off. As such, we would like to provide you with some tips on how to make joint custody work.

For Your Children

First and foremost, always keep in mind that you’re doing all of this for your children, not yourself. The end goal is making sure your children are raised in a happy, loving and stable environment. It’s okay to admit that your ex-spouse is always well-equipped to help raise your child. In fact, it’s almost necessary if you want your child to grow up and understand what healthy relationships are. At one time, you loved your spouse and chose him to bring a child into this world with, so it’s not a bad thing to still consider your soon-to-be ex-spouse a good fit to parent a child.
Image result for How You and Your Child Can Benefit from Joint-Custody ArrangementsStay Flexible

There will be times, plenty of times, actually, when you must be flexible and realistic about your schedule. After school schedules will be implemented when your children are older, along with issues with job and child care. Schedules change, situations change, sometimes through no fault of your ex-spouse. Prepare to adjust accordingly. The adjusting means that your child will still be able to have a healthy and life-long relationship with both of his parents.

Communication is Key

You must be willing to always communicate, even when you don’t feel like talking to your ex-spouse. Build a calendar online, so you can both have access to it, adding and deleting things as necessary. Text or email if you don’t want to talk to your ex. Stay in constant communication with him so changes aren’t brought to your attention at the last minute. Again, this helps your child understand the importance of communication in any relationship, even one that is strained.

Joint custody can work, but it does take some time and dedication. If you need to change visitation days due to your job, be willing to change the days when his work schedule changes. Your children will benefit from joint custody because they will still be able to partake in the activities they so enjoy. It’s beneficial to all that you do the best you can to work through the process.

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