As a working individual, you should know everything about personal injuries. Why do you need this information? You need it simply because you may be injured at work at any time. and when this happens, you want to be able to know how to handle the situation in a professional manner. 

It is critical to understand the meaning of tort and mass tort because the injuries you face may fall under this category. When your injury falls under mass tort, you may need to handle it differently from an accident that does not belong to this category.

What is a Mass Tort?

Before understanding what a mass tort is, you need to know the meaning of a tort. A tort is an injury that takes place because of the negligence of someone else. For example, when you slip on a warehouse floor, the accident may be classified as a tort if the employer was negligent. If there was no notice indicating that the floor is slippery, this amounts to negligence.

A mass tort, on the other hand, arises when the negligence of an organization leads to the injury of numerous individuals. For example, a pharmaceutical company that negligently produces a harmful drug may be sued for mass tort because the product that they are selling may hurt a large group of individuals at the same time. The easiest way to know if your injury falls under mass tort is to contact a Spokane, WA personal injury attorney.

Types of Mass Torts

There are various types of mass torts that are common, hence you have to be aware of them. They include: 

  • Pharmaceutical product claims.
  • Environmental claims and
  • Consumer product claims.

How Can You Benefit from a Mass Tort?

The main reason for identifying if your injury falls under mass tort is because you may enjoy various benefits from such a claim. One of the reasons is that when a mass tort is involved, evidence from one case may be used multiple times. Therefore, your attorney may use evidence from another case to prove that an organization’s negligence led to your injury.

The other benefit is that when a mass tort is involved, you may be awarded higher damages once the case is resolved. Compared to a class action, mass tort leads to higher damages because the court awards them to the victim. However, in a class action, the jury awards the damages to a representative of the class.

What You Should Do if Your Injury Falls Under Mass Tort

It is not yet time to celebrate just because you have discovered that your injury is under mass tort. The first thing you need to do is to contact an attorney. Provide all the facts about the injury and let the expert help you in deciding the next course of action. Since lawyers deal with these types of cases almost every day, you should be confident that the law firm will help you to get damages for negligence from the organization.