Drunk driving cases are the most common in courts nowadays. The number of cases is increasing with each passing day. However, no matter how many the number of cases, every case is dealt with sobriety and sincerity. The punishment in these cases includes jail time, revocation of a license, community service, and payment of hefty fines.

Once the breathalyzer test says that you were intoxicated while driving, no one can save you except a DUI attorney. Hiring a DUI lawyer may be costly, but it is all worth it at the end when you are proven not guilty. Here are some of the ways how a DUI lawyer can save you from all the trouble:

Stop your case from going to undertrial

There’s no denial in the fact that drunk driving is a severe offense that endangers the lives of people surrounding you. You risk your life along with others; however, the only difference is that others cost their lives at the expense of your mistake.

Once the police have caught you, the DUI lawyer tries to stop the case from going to the undertrial.

Wipe off the payment of a penalty

Hiring a DUI lawyer is always considered a wise decision, but clients are reluctant to pay costly fees charged by a lawyer. When an individual is detected driving while intoxicated in Knoxville, the court imposes fines and penalties in the form of punishment to prevent the repeated commission of such an offense.

These fines can burn a hole in your pocket or drain out your savings. But when you hire a lawyer, he or she makes sure that you pay the least possible amount for fine or not pay anything at all.

Eliminate imprisonment and reduce community service

The consequences of getting caught driving in intoxicated can be grave. You face not only criminal and administrative charges in court but also societal shame and disgrace. You may even lose your job and get your license seized, which results in loss of fut ure employment.

However, the worst punishment offenders could get is serving jail time. The order of imprisonment brings shame to the offender’s personal and professional life. A DUI lawyer may not always be able to eradicate the term in prison, but he or she can reduce the sentence and the hours of community service that the judgment provides for.

Redeem suspension of license

Even if you have been proven not guilty or paid a fine for the offense of drunk driving, the society might not accept you completely. The insurance companies ask for an increased amount of rates when you want to get your car insured after getting involved in a drunk driving case.

A DUI lawyer can get your suspended license redeemed, which is necessary for your future employment. Most often than not, it happens that once the court has ordered the seizure of your license, it takes years to get it redeemed by yourself. But when you have a DUI lawyer, everything becomes easy. You can rely on them to get your dignity and employment restored.