Hiring a private investigator or being one of them was just a conversation you would normally hear from nerds talking over lunch because of the hype of Sherlock Holmes and Detective Conan back then. Seeing how intricate they are in details, how advance and critical their problem solving skills are and how fun it is to look at the world through a magnifying glass make you want to enter their world and do such things.

Today, that conversation became a reality because of how phone taps and hacking came to existence. People got the picture of private investigators from reading a novel or having watched a film clothed with long brown coat with a fancy hat and shades on the eyes and enticed them to try joining the industry. And since we heard you’re interested in joining the troop, let me break a little truth before we go through, it is not true.

The services of private investigators go beyond what we wear and who we are. We vary in gender, shapes and sizes but meet in two things only: to provide you answers Google cannot give and to prevent threats by preventing it. But before you are able to do that, extensive trainings are conducted that is why our industry is not suitable for everyone.

But don’t worry, I have a list of some the services we offer that can serve as a checklist in assessing yourself and your skills as you take that leap of faith in becoming one of the prime private investigators in Singapore.


1. Child Movement Monitoring

Can you look after a child who’s always out of home without getting caught? Given that youth today are so active but distant from the world, parents tend to worry a little more than before. One of your tasks as an investigator is to watch out for their children and be able to come up with concrete answers as to why their behavior might be different than usual without getting in contact with them.


2. Pre-employment Checks 

We are not only limited to family investigations, hence, indulge in corporate and commercial services too. Since companies’ success more likely depend on the people working for them, it is necessary to have background checks based on the person’s asset, bankruptcy status, previous employments and even marital status before letting them in to the business.


3. Locating Missing People

Unfortunate events caused by nature are inevitable thus results to number of people missing. We are called to use our expertise in finding these people and bring them back to their homes. This service might require much skill for you’d be dealing with people you don’t know and finding them through photos given by family members for identification. Do you have the eyes that’s very keen to detail and a mind with critical thinking skills?


4. Overseas Assignment

Although we are a pool of private investigators providing services based in Singapore, we commit to go beyond our means by sending high-end investigators to our partners globally if necessary. Can you sacrifice family time for this kind of profession?


Just like any other professions here in Singapore, being a private investigator plays a vital role as we deal with the society’s social order and peace. If you have what it takes to conduct such services, visit us, Integrity Investigation today.