The Food Safety Act 1990 underpins all food laws in England.

Under British and EU food laws food related businesses must adopt a food safety management system that uses the principles of HACCP Hazards Analysis Critical Control Points.

Food laws also touch on health and safety legislation as the two areas impact on the other.

In England, the Food Standards Agency and local authorities carry out inspections which aren’t prearranged. As they may arrive tomorrow, in six weeks or seven months time, you need an effective HACCP plan and the knowledge from HACCP food safety training courses so that your operation adheres to food laws.

When a food safety audit takes place, you’ll be able to look the inspector in the eye, boldly confident that everything is in order. Implementation of an HACCP plan is vital to secure higher Food Hygiene Ratings Scheme scores.

The food hygiene ratings scheme score is given after analysis of the food premises and practices:

0 – Urgent improvement needed

1 – Major improvement needed

2 – Improvement needed

3 – Generally satisfactory

4 – Good

5 – Very good

A food business may;

  • Appeal their rating.
  • Request a revisit to be re-evaluated.
  • Post a ‘right of reply’ on the FSA webpage.

You’re striving for a five each time an inspector calls so you need to run your business every day as if an inspector is expected. Food safety training must be taken by law by every employee so this attention to detail shouldn’t be asking for any more from your staff than what is already expected by the authorities.


The range of food hygiene courses available from specialist training firms including Food Alert in London includes these:

  • CIEH Food Safety Awareness.
  • Food Safety Induction Training.
  • CIEH level 1 Food Safety.
  • CIEH level 2 Food Safety.
  • CIEH level 3 Food Safety.
  • RSPH level 4 Managing Food Safety
  • CIEH level 2 Food Safety in Manufacturing.
  • CIEH level 3 Supervising Food Safety in Manufacturing.
  • CIEH level 4 Managing Food Safety in Manufacturing.
  • CIEH level 2 Cleaning in Food Premises.
  • CIEH Food Allergens Awareness Online.
  • CIEH Legionella Awareness.
  • Level 2 Award in Principles of HACCP.
  • Level 3 Award in HACCP in Catering.
  • Expert assistance is also available for personalising HACCP plans.

This is an overview of an HACCP level 2 course:

  • HACCP food safety management system.
  • Risk awareness.
  • The purpose of the HACCP system.
  • The benefits of HACCP.
  • How to use HACCP in the workplace.
  • The 7 principles of HACCP.
  • Implementing HACCP food hygiene management systems.
  • Identifying HACCP procedures.
  • Food hygiene and assessing critical control areas.
  • Types of contamination and their sources.
  • Control methods to prevent contamination.
  • How to reduce risks using HACCP principles.
  • Tools for workplace safety and team competency.
  • Hazards recognition and critical control points.
  • Corrective actions at all levels of employment.

Management and supervisors can progress to level 3 training.

Food laws are there to protect customers, you and your business.