Who says building trust and rapport is an easy task? No one!

There’s no denying that relationships built on trust and rapport often are the best. By building rapport, you establish a bond and trust to the other group or person. If you didn’t know, building trust and rapport is one of the key ingredients in a successful client-customer relationship.

A client-customer relationship that you have with your lawyer also plays an important part in ensuring that you get the best out of them. To make sure that, no matter what, they will fight for your right not because you are paying them to, but because you have empathy and understanding.

That said, it’s vital that you know a few ways in how you can successfully build trust and rapport with your New York criminal lawyer.

5 Easy Tips in Rapport-Building

Building trust based on rapport is the best way to effectively understand each other during discussions. By furthering the relationship with your lawyer is also one of the best ways you can build a stronger level of understanding and connection with them.

Here are 3 easy tips to help you make a good rapport with your New York criminal lawyer.

1 Listen well

Remember that they are your knowledgeable other. If there is someone who better knows the law aside from you, that is your lawyer. As much as possible listen to them.

Any successful relationship begins with listening. Listening is necessary for building effective communication with your clients. Apart from that, when you listen well to your lawyer, they feel special, heard, and important and that leads them to treat you the same.

Remember that if you listen to them, attentively, that is also the same thing they will do to you once you talk about your suggestions, situations and more. So to begin building rapport with a client, you have to make sure that you listen very carefully to them. You must make them feel that every word they share is valuable to you.

2 Be honest

Obviously, your lawyer is a one person that you need to be really honest with. Honesty is the highest form of intimacy, while transparency is one of the most important ways to deepen loyalty. Aside from that, when they know you are not lying they immediately have a sense of the idea that it would be more easier to help you— because you are not afraid to open up and talk.

When they see that you are honest and open, they will trust you more. This is vital especially that we live in the days that trusting someone is very, very difficult.

Usually, people shut off if they feel like you’re being dishonest with them. That’s why being honest and candid enable you to quickly building rapport with a client.

3 Be committed

Be committed to the idea that they will be the one to defend and you have nothing else to do but to follow them, the court, the law and be honest. One thing that makes you realize that you are with a reliable New York criminal lawyer is that they are so confident in their work— plus a little background helps too!