Before moving ahead, let us first discuss about what is lien? Liens are legal claims that are attached to real property such as; land and structures. At the time of selling the property, any attached liens should be paid before the seller receives his money from the sale. Mostly liens are paid according to the date recorded.

As per to the Texas law, an original contractor who contracts directly with the owner of the property or with the owner’s agent. In most cases, mistakes happens and when they occur on a construction project, you are in need of a law firm that would understand construction and knows how to minimize your company`s exposure. The construction lawyers would prosecute and defend complex construction defect claims.

At first filing a lien may seem intimidating, but as soon as y understands the process m it is really just a matter of keeping up the dates and using the right paperwork.

  • File a notice: The first thing you need to do is to file a notice. In this way you can make property owner come to know that you have not been paid for the work you have performed. In most of the cases, filing the notice resolves your problem as the property owner does not want to lien hanging on and takes steps to make sure that you get paid for your work.
  • File an affidavit of lien: if you are still not paid even after filing the notice then it is time to draft and file your mechanics lien in Texas, an Affidavit of Lien.
  • Follow-up action: if the lien is paid you don’t have e to worry about follow up legal action. Usually, the property owners do not want liens on the title as it makes it harder to sell the property and they will quickly contact you and settle the issue.

After reading the above article I am sure that filing mechanic liens in Texas has been easy for you.