Trying to navigate through a divorce can be difficult. It’s said that divorce is one of the most stressful experiences anyone can go through, and this is just the emotional experience. The court case can be even more difficult and downright traumatizing.

Unfortunately, some people try to manage their divorce by themselves, not wanting to hire a lawyer. They may also try to work out problems with an ex-spouse when and if they arise, rather than speaking to a legal professional. In a few circumstances, this may work fine if the two people have an amicable separation and can work together for solutions. For others, a Family Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale may be in order.

Money Issues

How do you know when it’s good to hire an attorney rather than sort through divorce issues on your own? One answer is when money is involved. Many have the wrong idea about how the laws work when it comes to spousal support and child support. For example, wives do not just automatically have support rendered to them. If they have their career and finances, they may be given no support at all or minor support for a limited time. In some cases, wives pay ex-husband’s support, depending upon how their joint finances were earned during their marriage.

Never assume anything about money issues when it comes to separation and divorce. It’s always great to at least consult with an attorney so you can make an informed decision about your finances after a divorce.

Property Issues

It’s always good to check with a Fort Lauderdale family lawyer when there are property issues. Again, you cannot assume as to how property is divided during a divorce. Personal items like clothes typically go with each, but another property is often divided down the middle, and this includes the house and other large ticket items like cars. Rather than argue endlessly about who will get the pets, the home, boat and among other things, it’s good to talk to an attorney and learn about how the laws work. Otherwise, you’ll have to settle for having a judge divide these things up for you, and you can’t always predict that outcome.


When children are involved, you always want to speak to a lawyer in Fort Lauderdale before divorcing. Child custody issues can get very emotional, and in many cases, parents will assume they know how the law works. You may be very surprised to find out the truth.

For instance, a noncustodial parent who pays support may assume that he or she can tell the other parent that they cannot raise the children in a particular religion, or can set other rules for them when not in their care. This is typically untrue; each parent will have certain rights as a parent regardless of who is paying support.

These are many instances when it’s good to consult with a family lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, and when you are facing a divorce, it’s never a good idea to try and handle these complex issues on your own.