There are many instances of accidents and injury where a personal injury lawyer is more of an hindrance then help, but if you visit a lawyer they will never say that you can do without a lawyer.

When you don’t need a lawyer

So, when is it that you can be sure that you don’t need a lawyer? In case of soft tissue injury cases or minor injuries that require a visit to the ER and a short period of medical treatment, the settlement amount will be around $5000 or so. Considering that a lawyer’s fee comes to about 33% or more of the settlement amount, hiring someone for such a trivial amount is quite pointless. You can easily represent yourself and get the money. Always remember that the more serious the injury is, the more value, a lawyer can add to your case.Image result for Basics About Car Accident Lawyers

Why do you need a lawyer?

You definitely need a personal injury lawyer if you plan on filing a lawsuit and if your injuries are severe. There are many aspects of an accident, be it a slip and fall or a car accident. A lawyer will be evaluate the value of your case and tell you an estimate of how much recompense you can demand. The insurance company has no interest in serving justice, they just want to keep their overhead costs to a minimum and pay you as little as they possibly can.

Find the value of your case

There is a lot of work involved in determining the value of your case. Apart from the medical bill, you can demand money for loss of work, emotional damage etc. you will probably need a report from a doctor with respect to the scope of your injuries or required medical care in the future, and an economist’s report to calculate your real damages and calculate loss of wages. A lawyer knows what will be required to strengthen your case and will also arrange for the people needed for the evaluation.

Lawyers are good negotiators

A lawyer is also a negotiator and when the insurance company wants to settle with you, your lawyer is more likely to get you a better deal than you would otherwise receive. A lawyer knows all the nuances of the law and will know when it is in your best interest to settle, and when taking the case to trial is the better option.