In this day and age, many different types of scams are perpetuated over the phone, in an attempt to get unsuspecting victims to pay money, usually through credit cards. One of the ones that is currently making the rounds are bail bond scammers. This scam is typically done by having someone, claiming to be a bail bond agent, call you, saying that one of your loved one is in jail and needs you to pay their bail in order for them to get out. A couple of things to know to avoid falling for this scam is that money is rarely, if ever, paid over the phone to a bail bond agent or to the court. If one of your loved ones or friends is arrested, a judge will set bail. Bail is money that must be paid to the court in order for your friend or loved one to be let out of jail. A bail bond agent or bail bondsman will typically allow you to pay them ten percent of the whole bail required from the court. The bail bondsmen then pay the rest of the bail to the court.

A bail bond is the promise that the defendant will show up to court. Once the trial is over or the case dismissed, the bail is given back by the court and the bail bondsman keeps the ninety percent that they paid and the ten percent put down by the defendant. This is usually an in person procedure. It is not something that is usually done through the phone. If someone calls you claiming to be a bail bond agent in need of money to release your loved one from jail, researching bail bond companies near me or bail bondsman near me can help you determine if there is even a bail bond company or bail bondsman in the area of the name given to you by the possible scammer. Many times, if you call the listed number of the bail bondsman the scammers claim to work for, the bail bondsman will be able to confirm to you that no such bail bonds agent work for them under the given name and that there is no bail out and set for your loved one. Bail bond agents will have you sign something confirming your agreement with them. To avoid being scammed, you should not send any money unless you have signed something, detailing where the money will be going to.