If you’re looking forward to import automobiles as an individual or even as a business for commercial purposes, hiring a custom broker is the safest option to simplify the border clearance procedure. However, the process of choosing a good company should not be a random one. You must be extra careful while hiring brokers for customs clearance because if the company turns out to be a scam, you’ll not just end up losing your hard earned money, but an improper documentation by such hoax companies can further delay and complicate the border crossing process of your shipment.

5 Must Know Ways of Hiring a Genuine Custom Broker

Different importing services like Clearit importing are best ways for cross border transit of shipments in Canada. And there are specific features that distinguish a good company like Clearit from the substandard ones. The most reliable of all the ways to determine if a company is legit or not are listed below.

  • Focus on Customers Reviews – Companies with genuine customers testimonials that may indicate on how smooth and hassle free the import process was should be your targets. Also, it’s quite recommended to opt for companies that have a reputation of hiring licenced customs brokers.
  • Focus on Services Provided – A genuine customs brokerage company will not extort money. Precisely, good companies will offer the option to access breakdown services – instead of complete clearance that is offered by all – so that the importer has to pay only for the services that are needed.
  • Focus on Sign-Up Process – A genuine company will try and make things as simple for customers as possible. And it begins with the sign-up process itself. Simple signup process with clear instructions about the documents that you need to upload is appreciated. Also, as a bonus, good companies offer live customer service agents to resolve all your queries the moment you login for the first time.
  • Physical Presence of Agents On Site – Instead of relying on system generated information, legit companies insist on the agents to be physically present on site while the cross border exchange of the shipment is taking place. This not just speeds up the border clearance process, it also ensures that the shipment is in no way tampered with before it leaves for the destination country.
  • Payment Procedure Will Be Secured – Once the invoice will be made, genuine companies will encourage you to make a payment via the payment link that’ll be sent to your registered email ID in order to avoid phishing scams of all kinds.