Freight forwarders are professionals responsible for organizing shipments from the manufacturer to the consumer. They do not transport shipments but get you in touch with people who do. Amazon FBA freight forwarder ClearitUSA is one such organization. For a business, it is a crucial choice as it could impact the streamlined delivery of your goods. To make the right choice, you must get the answers from any prospective freight forwarder:

  1. How Much Experience Do You Have?

A freight forwarder who has been in the business will have many contacts in the industry and will be able to find a solution in case of an emergency. A newbie in the business will still be learning the ropes and it will be difficult to trust with your valuable shipment. Apart from the overall experience, remember to ask about relevant experience with the kind of goods you are planning to send as a shipment

  1. What Is The Spread of Your Network?

You need a freight forwarder who has a wide international network, so you can get your goods delivered across the world without any hassles. Specifically, you should find out about their contacts in countries of your interest. Their reach is a very important factor for your business needs.

  1. What Is the Extent of Your Services?

A freight forwarder who can oversee end-to-end delivery of your shipment is a better option than one whose services end with the delivery to the carrier. In the second instance, you would need to make arrangements at the receivers’ end to get your cargo to the warehouse there. Ask this important question before you decide to give them the contract.

  1. What Additional Services Do You Offer?

 Additional services such as insurance are always a welcome offer, even if they come at some extra cost. It is better than looking for another vendor to coordinate with this aspect of the shipping process. Check what other services are available from the same vendor.

  1. Who Will Take Care of the Documentation?

Experienced freight forwarders are well aware of the documentation required for the entire process to go smoothly. Hiring a freight forwarder is done with the purpose of reducing the stress related to import and export of goods and if the documentation is not taken care of, the purpose is not served. Apart from the freight-related documentation, the more experienced forwarders are also capable of customs-clearance at the receiving port.

A freight forwarder with a good reputation will willingly answer all these questions and ensure you that the cargo will reach the destination safe and sound.