Getting caught driving under the influence of alcohol can bring hefty fines and, if you’re in the Texas region where penalties are strict, you’ll need to get the services of a Houston DWI lawyer to help you get through your case. Drunk driving can be fatal and can lead to the deaths of other people because you’re engaging in irresponsible drinking and driving.

As such, prevention is much better so that you don’t waste time and resources on something you can easily avoid. Here are five strategies to help you prevent drunk driving.

Public Transportation

One easy way to prevent drunk driving is to use public transportation, i.e., bus, train, taxi, Uber, Grab when you are going out with friends to drink. Don’t bring your car on these occasions so that you won’t have the risk of drunk driving.

Get a sleep-over or find a cheap hotel

Sometimes our drinking gets really out of hand. Instead of going home, it’s better to just book a cheap hotel or have a deal with your good friend to sleep-over at their place. That’s why it’s better to drink with friends in their homes so that you can sleep-over until the next morning. This means you can still bring your car and when you’re sober the next day, you can drive already.

Have alternative drinks and eat food

It’s silly to keep on consuming alcoholic drinks. You’ll be slumbering in a short time and will not be able to enjoy time with your peers. As such, make sure you fill your stomach with plenty of food and take alternative drinks. This will ensure that the food will absorb the alcohol and take the other drinks like soda will help you enjoy the party without getting drunk quickly.

Start the party early

Instead of having a party late into the night, request to have it early in the evening so that by the time everyone is done with having a happy time, it’s still early and there is public transportation available. This means you won’t have to drive and there’s a chance you didn’t get too drunk that you are unable to go home.

There should also be a cut-off time for alcohol. This means that a specific hour, no more alcoholic drinks are allowed so that people can remain sober and go home safely, including you. You’re no longer in college so it’s good to practice responsible drinking and at the same time not compromising on having a good time.

Assign someone to be the group’s driver

Sometimes you’ll have the luck of having a friend who loves parties but doesn’t enjoy getting drunk. Have that friend be the designated driver for your group so that when the rest gets intoxicated, you’ll have someone who you trust to bring you home safely. Alternatively, you can take turns to be this trusted driver so that everyone has the chance to enjoy the party with alcohol intake. Always make sure the designated driver has a valid driving license and knows the address of everyone.