The sale of an apartment can generate so much income to homeowners, and this is the reason why you need to know your rights and how it can help your case.

1.      A Profitable Monopoly

Marriage contracts, donations between spouses, gift-sharing, authentic wills, real estate sales contracts, not one of these acts can do without a notary. The latter, as a public officer, gives them the strength of a genuine act, which makes them almost indisputable. He also takes the opportunity to play his role of tax collector of the State, part of the sums in play returning to the latter. A monopoly that ensures, on the one hand, a minimum of activity throughout the year (there will always be successions) which can be otherwise particularly rewarding in times of high activity real estate, as it has. This may have been the case in recent years before the crisis seriously curtailed the sector and transactions.

2.      Unalterable Rates

Monopoly, limited competition, unlike many liberal professions (notaries have a dual status of the liberal profession and public officer), notaries see a large part of their tariffs set by law, as a percentage of the sums involved (real estate sales) or lump sum. A principle that guarantees equal treatment throughout the country, but which prevents individuals from playing the competition between notaries. And therefore, ensures that they do not lose part of their margin.

3.      Exclusive Real Estate Data

Passage obliged for any sale real estate, they took advantage of their role in the authentication of the acts to be constituted since the years 50 a file, called prosaically “the real estate file of the notaries.” An excellent way to develop a second activity, a purely private, expertise and real estate negotiation. The real estate file of notaries has more than 3 million references. The California Notary Bond also helps in the selling and buying of your home. That is why we recommend it greatly, so you benefit from it.